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OA 1001 – Kálmán on the Air

Opera stars Richard Tucker and Igor Gorin, Broadway and opera baritone Robert Weede, and radio star Marion Claire join forces in two operetta gems—The Gypsy Princess and Sari—of Hungarian master Emmerich Kálmán.  Bonus tracks feature tenor Jan Peerce in songs from The Gypsy Princess.

OA 1002 – Kálmán Conducts Kálmán

In 1940, soon after arriving in America, Emmerich Kálmán was invited to conduct the NBC Concert Orchestra in a program of his own operetta music.  The concert features vocal selections by Gitta Alpar and Felix Knight as well as orchestral medleys from several of the composer’s shows.

OA 1003 – Kálmán on Broadway

In addition to a complete 1940’s radio broadcast of Kálmán's Countess Maritza, the CD features vocal medleys by The Victor Light Opera Company from Miss Springtime and The Yankee Princess, as well as songs and orchestral selections by Igor Gorin, Paul Whiteman, and others.

OA 1004 – Gems from The Ohio Light Opera

Twenty vocal selections and one overture drawn from the 1984-2000 archives of America’s premiere operetta company.  Hear your favorites and rare gems from the shows of Gilbert and Sullivan, Jacques Offenbach, Johann Strauss, Emmerich Kálmán, Franz Lehár, Leo Fall, Oscar Straus, Sigmund Romberg, and others.

OA 1005 – Gold and Silver -
Celebrating 25 Years of The Ohio Light Opera  (4 CDs)

A grand tour through the world of operetta—French, American, British, Viennese, Hungarian, German, and Spanish—in this anniversary edition celebrating 25 years of The Ohio Light Opera. All selections are sung in English. The 40-page booklet contains plot summaries, a company history, and reminiscences of past and current performers.

OA 1006 – Emmerich Kálmán’s Countess Maritza 
(The Ohio Light Opera, 2003 - 3 CDs)

The first-ever recording of this Viennese operetta masterpiece that includes every song that Kálmán wrote for the 1924 premiere.  A bonus track on this nearly three-hour CD set features the aria that the composer wrote for the 1932 film version of the show.

OA 1007 – Façade (music by William Walton, verses by Dame Edith Sitwell)

Ohio Light Opera founder James Stuart is the reciter, and Louis Lane, the conductor in this engaging version of Walton’s 1923 entertainment.  The CD opens with an informative and humorous 13-minute commentary by Lane.  Full texts included.

OA 1008 – Operetta Delights: 
Vintage Recordings from The Golden Age of Musical Theatre  (2 CDs)

The top stage, film, and radio stars—Richard Crooks, Ruth Etting, Kenny Baker, Lawrence Tibbett, Gladys Swarthout, and Igor Gorin to name just a few—of the 1920’s and 1930’s sing 41 hit songs taken from the most popular operettas on Broadway and the silver screen.

OA 1009 – Emmerich Kálmán’s Arizona Lady  (2 CDs)

Kálmán’s last operetta, a tribute to America, where he made his home during the 1940’s, premiered on Bavarian Radio on New Year’s Day, 1954.  This CD recording, the first-ever of the show, is taken complete from that broadcast and features some of the top German singers of the day, including Herbert Ernst Groh, dubbed as Richard Tauber’s rightful successor.  Sung in German.

OA 1010 – The Art of Brian Woods  (2 CDs)

Tenor Brian Woods distinguished himself in a career—cut short by cancer at age 31—on the operetta, opera, and concert stage.  This tribute CD set features selections from his Ohio Light Opera repertoire as well as lieder, arias from oratorio, and opera selections taken from his various concert and stage appearances.

OA 1011 – Emmerich Kálmán’s The Violet of Montmartre 
(The Ohio Light Opera, 2004 - 3 CDs)

With harmonies that pay homage to Erich Wolfgang Korngold and Richard Strauss, Kálmán is at his most international in this Bohème-inspired story of three starving artists and the street singer who comes to their rescue.  Sung in English, with full libretto enclosed, this is the first complete recording of what surely ranks as one of the composer’s masterpieces.  Bonus tracks include two songs that Kálmán inserted in the 1930 Berlin production.

OA 1012– Fascinating Night
Rediscovered Gems from The Early Days of Musical Theatre:  Volume I

At least 90 percent of the nearly 3000 musicals to play Broadway over the past 150 years have fallen into total oblivion.  Yet many of these shows contain song gems of great beauty and entertainment value that, in their day, delighted audiences.  The repertoire for this CD is taken from Broadway and West End shows from the period 1898–1927.  The majority are here given their recording debuts.

OA 1013– City of Dreams
Rediscovered Gems from The Early Days of Musical Theatre:  Volume II

The popularity of early 20th-century musical theatre – as evidenced by the large number of 78-rpm recordings and sheet music releases – suggests that there is a lot more good music there than has survived the passage of decades. This CD, the second in a continuing series, aims to further validate this claim. It features ballads and comic songs from 19 musicals and operettas – 14 from Broadway and five from London’s West End – that opened between 1903 and 1928.

OA 1014– Kálmán on The Keys

Virtuosic piano potpourris from Emmerich Kálmán’s stage operettas Die Bajadere, Die Zirkusprinzessin, Das Herzogin von Chicago, and Das Veilchen vom Montmartre, as well as from his 1930 film operetta, Ronny. Featuring pianist Alex Hassan.

OA 1015– Emmerich Kálmán’s A Soldier’s Promise (Der gute Kamerad)
(The Ohio Light Opera, 2005 Summer Festival - DVD)

Although barely a single note from this operetta has ever been recorded, this is one of Kálmán’s most hauntingly beautiful scores, written for a bittersweet story of a soldier who has to bring the sad news to a mother and sister that his army comrade has been killed in action.  (in English, 4-page booklet)

OA1016 – Beyond My Fondest Dreams
The Enchanting Melodies of Walter Jurmann

Song medleys from Jurmann’s 1946 musical Windy City and from his German and American films from the 1930s and 1940s, including the famous title song from the Clark Gable/Jeanette MacDonald film San Francisco. Featuring virtuosic pianist Alex Hassan.

OA 1017 – Spring All the Year Round
The Melodies of Charles Kálmán

Inspired by his father’s operetta roots, but carving out his own musical style more reminiscent of the European and American popular music of the 1920’s and 1930’s, Munich-based composer Charles Kálmán has achieved great success in a large number of works for the stage, the concert hall, and film.  Pianist Alex Hassan takes us on a virtuosic survey of a cross-section of this oeuvre.

OA 1018 – Back in the Limelight
(Musicals Lost and Found)

Hear early Broadway brought back to life in this CD of 11 four-hand piano selections from vintage musicals, as played by Adam Aceto and Patrick Johnson. Included are little-known gems of George Gershwin (Song of the Flame), Jerome Kern (The Night Boat), and Harry Ruby (The 5 O’Clock Girl), as well as charming rarities by less-well-known composers Louis Hirsch (The Grass Widow), Milton Schwarzwald (Flora Bella), Harry Carroll (Oh, Look!), and others.

OA 1019 – Emmerich Kálmán’s A Soldier’s Promise (Der gute Kamerad)
(The Ohio Light Opera, 2005 Summer Festival – 2 CDs)

This is the same performance as OA 1015, released earlier on DVD. This CD version contains a 32-page color booklet with the complete libretto.

OA 1020 – Victor Herbert’s Mlle. Modiste
(The Ohio Light Opera, 2009 Summer Festival – DVD)

In 2009, The Ohio Light Opera celebrated the 150th birthday of the Father of American Operetta, Victor Herbert, with a production of his ground-breaking 1905 comic opera Mlle. Modiste. With a musical score full of hit-parade favorites of yesteryear—“The time and the place and the girl,” “The mascot of the troop,” and the irresistible “Kiss me again”—this show paved the way for the operetta triumphs in later years of Sigmund Romberg and Rudolf Friml.

OA 1021– Emmerich Kálmán’s Marinka

This 1945 Broadway romantic musical is a happy-end version of the infamous Mayerling episode in Austrian history –the mysterious double suicide of Crown Prince Rudolf and his teenaged mistress Maria Vetsera. This world premiere recording of the entire Broadway score includes cut numbers, the complete ballet music, and features nine singers with two-piano accompaniment. Hit songs include “Only one touch of Vienna,” “The cab song,” Sigh by night,” and the quite risqué “When I auditioned for the harem of the shah.”

OA 1022 – Victor Herbert’s The Fortune Teller
(The Comic Opera Guild, February 2008 – 2 CDs)

This is the world-premiere recording of the complete score and includes five songs that Herbert wrote for the show but which did not appear in the 1898 Broadway opening. Music Director Adam Aceto restored the original orchestrations and conducts a full orchestra and 55-person chorus. This comic opera contains two of the most recognizable gypsy songs in American musical theatre: “Romany life” and “Gypsy love song.”
OA 1023– Emmerich Kálmán’s The Duchess of Chicago
(The Ohio Light Opera, 2007 Summer Festival – DVD)

Emmerich Kálmán’s 1928 operetta The Duchess of Chicago was revolutionary in that it brought Viennese operetta fully into the jazz age. Its musical score is an engaging blend of the waltzes and csardases of the Old World with the Charlestons, fox-trots, and blues that defined the world of 1920s America.
OA 1024 – Victor Herbert’s Dream City and The Magic Knight
(The Ohio Light Opera, 2014 Summer Festival – DVD)

“A hit from start to finish,” “A new type of popular entertainment,” “A lift or two higher than anything of the kind.” These words, from the New York Times opening-night review of Victor Herbert’s Dream City and The Magic Knight, only begin to capture the ecstatic response of the press to one of the most remarkable shows to grace the early-20th-century Broadway stage. Herbert’s score is a revelatory amalgam of diverse musical styles: ragtime, vaudeville, country music, operetta, opera, and music hall. His 31-minute spoof of Wagner’s Lohengrin is masterful … and absolutely hilarious.

OA 1031 – Louis Hirsch’s My Home Town Girl
(Musicals Lost and Found)

New York-born Louis Hirsch (1881–1924) reigned with Jerome Kern as a leading driver in transitioning American musical theater, in the second decade of the 20th century, from the operetta and music hall stylings of the past to a new “modern” brand of musical comedy—with witty, intimate, believable plotlines and a ceaselessly melodic musical score. This studio recording, with four-hand piano accompaniment, of Hirsch’s complete score for his 1915 musical My Home Town Girl is the first in a planned series that will revisit the rare musical theater gems of a bygone era.

OA 1033 – Louis Hirsch’s Going Up
(Musicals Lost and Found)

Although largely forgotten today, Louis Hirsch was one of the most important and progressive musical theater composers during the years surrounding World War I. His biggest hit, among a dozen Broadway shows, was the 1917 Going Up, which exploited the current fascination with airplanes. This studio recording, with four-hand piano accompaniment, showcases Hirsch’s bottomless melodic well and the rhythmic and harmonic stylings that kept him apace with Jerome Kern.

OA 1034 – Broadway Tuned Up, Orchestral Selections from Early Stage Musicals
(Musicals Lost and Found)

World-premiere recordings of the original published orchestral medleys from ten rare Broadway musicals from the years 1907 to 1926. Hear Gershwin’s La La Lucille; Kern’s Nobody Home and Head Over Heels; Friml’s The Blue Kitten; and melody after melody from the likes of Louis Hirsch, Robert Hood Bowers, Manuel Klein, and Lewis Gensler.